St. Petersburg and Moscow

Cold and beautiful are the corners of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Even Ciril was left speechless. Because of the cold or the beauty of Russian pearls?
St. Petersburg, once Leningrad and formerly Petrograd, is considered the cultural capital of Russia. It lies in a strategically important place where the Neva River deltaically flows into the Gulf of Finland. Literally and symbolically, it is a Russian window to Europe. It inspired Pushkin, Dostoevsky and Tchaikovsky, and today many tourists remain speechless on their cultural and historical tour of Russia's second largest city. The city is also sporty, a bit Olympic. In 1980, when the Summer Games were hosted by Moscow, St. Petersburg held part of the Olympic soccer tournament. The top national soccer team was played again in this Russian city on the Baltic Sea last year, when they hosted one competition group of the European Championship and one quarterfinal match. In addition to soccer, the pride of the city is the Zenith Soccer Club, the citizens also enjoy top basketball, volleyball and ice hockey.
The same goes for Moscow, where CSKA reigns. This is one of the symbols of sports Russia and was at the same time a strong pillar of the then regime during the Soviet era. This also had a strong impact on Olympic history. The 1980 Summer Games in Moscow boycotted the United States and some of its allies. Eleven Slovenians found a place in the then Yugoslav Olympic team. The most successful athletes were Rok Kopitar and swimmer Borut Petrič. These men from Celje and Kranj certainly saw at least some of the sights of the city and, like Ciril, they might also take the metro and enjoy the appearance of individual stations. Each of them is unique, in fact they are unique galleries. Did Ciril stop at the Sportivnaya station, which has an Olympic look?

Mine, Yours, Our Mission!

Climate warming is the result of human activity. So, we can slow down the pace of climate change. Me, you, we. Every step matters, no matter how small. Slovenians boast many charismatic Olympic legends. In this mission they will lead our efforts in rewriting the future of our planet. Join us.