Who cursed the most and who snored the most?

In recent episodes, Nik has been contacting us a lot from the outskirts of Ljubljana. He walked around Rožnik alone, hung out with Jernej Damjan in Mostec, and hosted the team of Studio Beijing at the frozen Koseze pond to finish the trip.

Dream team" that successfully accompanied Toli on his way to Lake Baikal! In addition to the "frontman" and "captain" Ciril, the dream team of our mission consisted of videographers Alen and Marko, and Tomaž, who took care of all the support along the way and was also the main driver and Rok. Speaking of sports, we could say that the latter played the role of a libero. He was missing out on an acclimatization get-together with Niko. Maybe he snored at home…
Who was most tormented by homesickness on the legendary journey? Who knows the most jokes and who cursed the most? You will find out all this and more in the last show of Studio Triglav. "I'm really proud of the great team," said Captain Ciril, who pointed out that the key to success is trust. And where did Ciril go after testing the strength of the ice of the pond under the Šiška hill with the team? Family lunch, beer chat with friends? After more than a month on the road, such "obligations" are the most pleasant …
In the coming days, Ciril and his team will definitely see the exhibition of the Anton Melik Geographical Institute "Triglav Glacier Then and Now". It will be on view in front of the Ljubljana Modern Gallery until 13th February, then it will move to the center of Maribor for a few days, and from 21st February you will be able to see it in front of the Slovenian Mountain Museum in Mojstrana. That's where TOLI will return after the Olympic Games, a symbol of drawing attention to the facts that give us chills every time.

Mine, Yours, Our Mission!

Climate warming is the result of human activity. So, we can slow down the pace of climate change. Me, you, we. Every step matters, no matter how small. Slovenians boast many charismatic Olympic legends. In this mission they will lead our efforts in rewriting the future of our planet. Join us.