The story we are writing is only just beginning

The legendary journey, which began on the third Friday in December, ended a good month later. On the third Friday in January. But the story we are writing is only just beginning…
In the last episode of Studio Beijing, Ciril and his team drive through the beautiful icy Russian landscape. Towards the pearl of Siberia, towards Lake Baikal. The latter is located in the southern part of this province. It is more than 1500 meters deep and its surface is larger than Slovenia. It contains one-fifth of all freshwater on our planet. It freezes completely in winter. The ice is a meter and a half thick in some places. It is extremely translucent and the water is so clear that the bottom can be seen at a depth of forty meters. It is the cleanest lake in the world. It feeds more than three hundred rivers and streams that originate in the surrounding mountains. The locals call the lake, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the sea. A wonderful environment for collecting priceless memories. And the environment in which our Toli felt at home.
This is one of the reasons why his inevitable farewell from the team after 11,517 kilometers and 201 hours in the car was not so difficult. But it was full of emotion. Memories of the journey have come to life again in this magical winter landscape. Slovenia, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia. But the story we’re writing is, in a way, actually just beginning. "Captain" Toli waves to us from Beijing, where he is writing a new chapter, and we are all firmly moving towards the green goal of our white mission.

Mine, Yours, Our Mission!

Climate warming is the result of human activity. So, we can slow down the pace of climate change. Me, you, we. Every step matters, no matter how small. Slovenians boast many charismatic Olympic legends. In this mission they will lead our efforts in rewriting the future of our planet. Join us.