The glacier goes to Beijing

Just before leaving for the 13,000 kilometres trip to Olympic Beijing, Nik Škrlec hosted Ciril Komotar at Studio Triglav, the headquarters of our mission. First, they remembered the start of the mission in the beginning of November together with experts from the Anton Melik Geographical Institute (SAZU) under the snow-covered Triglav.
A piece of the glacier was transferred from Pokljuka to SAZU Institute for laboratory analysis. TOLI (Triglav Olympic Legendary Ice), the main star of the Olympic trip from Triglav to Beijing, will be soon ready for the first stage, which starts in Ljubljana. Ciril and his hybrid vehicle named Darko as well. „TOLI, this is not a small thing!" warns Ciril, who is looking forward to adventures in nine countries, on his long journey from Slovenia through Central Europe, Scandinavia, Russia all the way to China. Together with TOLI they will visit nine Olympic venues and learn about innovative practices in the field of sustainability AMZS (the National Automobile Association) headed by Tomaž Kejžar, is an organization with more than 110 years of tradition, is a partner in our project in the field of mobility and safety.

In the first episode of Studio Triglav Nik "armed" Cyril with some typical phrases he might come across along the way. On the first part of the trip, when German is "in play", Cyril will have no problems. Fortunately, he still has some time to learn Swedish, Norwegian and Russian …

Mine, Yours, Our Mission!

Climate warming is the result of human activity. So, we can slow down the pace of climate change. Me, you, we. Every step matters, no matter how small. Slovenians boast many charismatic Olympic legends. In this mission they will lead our efforts in rewriting the future of our planet. Join us.